Great Web Apps for downloads

I wanna share some great web tools I use on my computer, since I’ve spent lots of time on the internet since I landed in Japan.
(Boy, 1.1MB/s on torrents…. evil…. this is evil internet connection I tell you… with only 700 yen per month (around Rp.60000 or $US 6) !!! )

First, you’ve got to try Orbit Downloader

It can download multiple links on one page, and significantly increase download speed by automatically attempt multiple connections to the server. A must try. Can also grab streaming content such as Youtube and such…

Second, is the Download Helper…a Firefox Add-on (Yes! Use Firefox!!!). Guaranteed to help you download those FLV videos…. even those ungrabbed by Orbit…those streamed mp3’s, like in Myspace profiles and CNN Videos can be easily downloaded…


Posted on November 1, 2007, in Web Surfing Tips. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. walah.. enaknya yang bisa ngetorrent 😀

  2. Akhir2 ini torrentnya dilambatin… ada baiknya juga sih ^^

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