OpenOffice Review (OxygenOffice Professional 2.3.1)

Why did I suddenly try the open office suite?
I wanted to know what people should use (instead of pirating) if they didn’t have the money to buy the widely used MS Office or purchase the licensed software cheaply from academic institutions (like me). It is also widely used on Linux OS PCs.

I installed the OxygenOffice Professional 2.3.1 version because it had a clipart gallery I want to check out, and also their pre-installed plugin for opening Office 2007 files.

First, I tried opening the docx format from Word 07. It worked out fine except for the equations (didn’t show up) and images are resized to small, which is annoying.

Then, I tried opening the pptx format from Powerpoint 07. Slide background and text were fine, but animations, slide transitions, and charts didn’t get transferred. Didn’t bother to try the spreadsheet, most likely the charts were also unable to be imported.

In conclusion, the installed OpenOffice is not a full replacement of the Office 2007 suite. We have to look for other ways to convert the format, or wait for the new OpenOffice 3 which is rumored to come out in September 2008.
The clipart gallery is nice btw.

Thanks for reading ^^


Posted on February 28, 2008, in Science & Technology. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Hmm.. what are differences between OxygenOffice Professional and standard OpenOffice?

    The most important thing that I can do with OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Word is free lossless PDF converter. 😀 So, the image resolution/sampling on converted PDF is not reduced.


  2. Well.. for Microsoft Office you can download their Save As PDF plugin.. you can ask me for it if you want ^^

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