Fuji-Q Highland

From my camera 🙂

Hooray, I got to ride on the three former world record holders roller coasters in Fuji-Q Highland.
I went there with my relatives by car, and it took around two and a half hours trip. On the way we saw great views of Mount Fuji. Turned out we were going to see it from a better site. ^^



First I got on the Fujiyama, which held the Guiness world record in 1997 for the highest rollercoaster. Straight from the beginning we were taken really high, 79 meters high, then dropped just like free fall. After there was no rest for turning, dropping, twisting, even a 90 degrees sideways turn.



Then we got on the World Bucchigiri Coaster Dodonpa (don’t know what it meant). The special feature was its acceleration speed in the beginning, from 0 to 214 km/h in just 2 seconds. The fastest acceleration roller coaster in the world. The drop is notorious. And I got to sit on the front!! ^^

We had lunch afterwards, and then got in a very short line for Red Tower. It was basically a free fall from a height, and the nice thing was the great view of Mount Fuji.



It was already late in the afternoon, so it was time for the ultimate roller coaster, Eejanaika. It is by far the scariest, but most fun ride there. We get flipped and twisted and all kind of bad thing coasters would do to us. It holds the world record for most inversions. It’s really wild, and the videos should speak for itself. Well.. words can’t describe the feeling of riding coasters anyway ;p
The great thing is, after riding I felt so energized from the adrenaline rush… would love to ride again someday (definite recommendation) ^_^


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  1. Sounds like you are still having a great time in Japan 🙂 It’s good to be back in Germany, but I also miss all the people from Oita! Have a great new semester!

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