Karei naru Ichizoku

I’ve just finished watching a Japanese Drama series, Karei naru Ichizoku (The Grand Family).


Here’s the synopsys (taken from DramaWiki, too lazy to make one 😛 ):Originally a novel by Yamazaki Toyoko, and later a 1974 movie, Karei naru Ichizoku depicts the conflicts within the Manpyo family, famous in Kansai’s financial circles, amidst the tumultuous reorganization of the financial industry of the late 1960s. Unlike the book, the eldest son, Teppei, and not the father, Daisuke, is the central character of the drama.This drama is set in the late 1960s decade of Japan and depicts the rivalry between Manpyo Daisuke (Kitaoji Kinya), a powerful banker, and his eldest son, Manpyo Teppei (Kimura Takuya), the executive managing director of a steel firm. For reasons not yet entirely clear, Daisuke seems to dislike his own son and when Teppei finds out why, the Manpyo family is turned upside down.  

Wow, this drama really touches me, because the main ‘fighter’ is a metallurgy engineer who runs a (family owned) steel company. He is very idealistic in pursuing his dreams to develop Japan’s steel industry, keeping to his idealistic values and gains sympathy from people around him (except the bad greedy guys :P).  The story is much about father-son fight; father uses schemes, while son uses fair values.

Because of a financial reorganization by Ministry of Finance Japan, Hanshin Bank run by Daisuke (the father) is threatened to be merged with other banks, thus possibly losing control of the bank. In order to survive, he has to make some scheme where his ‘little’ bank can take over a bigger bank, by trying to look for scandals in those big banks. Towards the end, the only option was to sacrifice Teppei’s (his son) project of building a blast furnace (which is his dream to develop Japan’s steel industry). The project failure will be used to blame one other big bank which support the project. Turns out not only the project is sacrificed, but also Teppei’s life (suicidal, but because he thought it would be better for the family).

There’s a lot of drama going on; some are arranged marriages for family connections, and the questionable fact who Teppei’s real father is. This drama gave me a push to remember the true motivation behind my dream,, and pursue it no matter what. His never give up spirit, though he loses in the end, spreads inspirational values even to his father, making him a winner anyway. Not like other dramas, this is a sad ending drama… the hero dies, but his dream lives on….


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  1. try zettai kareshi.
    recommended! 4.5/5

  2. I’m following it right now! 😉

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