Sports Day with tutors

Today is sports day, where we play sports with other international students and tutors. Tutors are Japanese ‘friends’ who helps out with life inside and outside campus.

Started at 10 o’clock in the morning, played a badminton for a little while. Then I played basketball for around an hour. Haha, only scored one straight throw. 😛

After that we walked to the field, and waited for people to come, since they are oversleepers. While waiting, I tried to throw and bat baseball. Wow, for a first timer I wasn’t bad (in other words, great). I think I’ve got some talent to play baseball 😛

It was time for soccer.. (outdoor futsal to be exact). We played for a while, like, 3 hours! It was nice to see friends from China, Ghana, USA, Japan, Malaysia and don’t forget Indonesia in one field. To be honest I think I suck at soccer, I didn’t play it when I was a child, and don’t play often neither. We played in shine and in the rain (hyperbolic).

The tutors were playing baseball from 3 p.m. And soon afterwards the students joined in (except me.. and my tutor). It was raining, so I wasn’t really in the mood. Somebody special was waiting for me at the internet, hungry, haven’t finished my neural net program which bothers my mind a lot. I’m in debugging mode right now, using gdb.

Pheew… it has been a tiring day, but so much fun! Sad to leave Japan in two months time… 😦

Edit in the afternoon (after shopping): Huhuu… I didn’t get bananas… cheap bananas… sold out 😦
But I got orange juice 🙂  Ow, and I found Tabasco… oh my.. at last something hot and spicy in Japan, it’s about time (8 months). ^^


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  1. Hooo.. it’s been a long time since we played badminton together. Huehehehe..
    Good luck for your research! ^^

  2. Hoho… did you know, I’ve been playing badminton 4 times a week (30 minutes per session). Sometimes also on weekends. 😀

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