Let’s use LaTeX!

I’m now officially a \LaTeX user (hehee, just because of one report), and big fan 😀 You can even enter LaTeX equations in WordPress posts/comments.

I will update this post with how I got through the steep learning curve of \LaTeX. It’s a bit frustrating in the beginning, especially with the programming-compile process (hey, I’ve been coding for the last month, gimme a break :P). Anyhow, I shouldn’t complain about this, any future scientist/engineer will (or should) face the beauty of \LaTeX.

Right now, I’m still on progress writing I have just finished a report.  I’ve been in front of \LaTeX these recent days, and I don’t miss the Word processor 😀

This is how I learnt \LaTeX. When I had to add figures (pictures), or tables, I looked up on the internet on how and what tools can be used. Then I studied the formatting of the picture, and table.
Another example, when I had to put references, I learnt how to use an external file, then later on how to format it using IEEE Transaction Standard. So it really is a step by step learning process.

Most graduate schools require the students to write their paper/thesis using \LaTeX. But don’t worry, usually they have templates we can use straight away. But to learn for the first time, it’s best to write our own template, to get the best looking. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

Links (to be updated):


Tools: http://www.little-blue-dragon.de/texniccenter/


There’s an online course with nice slides (German university), but I lost the link.. sorry, have been looking for it too.

OK, saved the best for last: http://www.andy-roberts.net/misc/latex/index.html


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  1. I’ve tried Latex.. It’s cool!
    But, I have no time to learn more about Latex, so I use OpenOffice instead.
    Maybe after my graduation, I’ll try it! hehehehe 😉

  2. Ran, how long did you learn Latex ? I still have little motivation to learn and use Latex, maybe you can suggest me something.. ;D

  3. @Bagus: Now that you’ve graduated, you have no excuse anymore, haha! 😀
    @Dodik: I learnt LaTeX while writing a report on my programming project. Well, since you have just passed the final project, I guess there’s no big project yet :P. I think it’s important to have a theme/project in mind, because then we get a motivation and a clear goal.
    The first step would be to get a good simple template, not reports already made. If I upload my done project, it would be hard to figure out why the packages used. Maybe it’s for boxes, or to input source code from external file.
    I’ll give more useful links, which are really easy to understand. ^^

  4. Congratulations. I am still struggling how to use Latex especially how to input Japanese characters. I’ve spending hours to set it in Linux and still no success.

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