North Carolina Museums

I’ve been wondering if I could somehow enjoy the taxes that I will pay. Well, last month I visited NC’s Art Museum at Blue Ridge Road, and NC’s Museum of Natural Science. Free of charge.

I did assume the art museum was gonna be boring, but hey, turns out there were fascinating stuff there. One thing you will notice here is that the security guards are everywhere (and yes they watch really carefully, gaze, stare). There were original mummy cases, modern painting (nude as well, I don’t see the art there, but it wasn’t that intruding). There was a display of Monalisa made out of thread spools (rolls of string), but it was made upside down and you had to see it through a round glass ball. Physics with Art, now that’s cool.

The theme going on at the Museum of Natural Science was “Bugs”. Not pretty exciting, since nearly every time I see one, I step on them. Anyway, if you’re a fan of butterflies, fish, rocks, snakes, or atrocious worms, then you’ll love it. One information display shows the history of earthquakes, including real-time updates around the globe. Well, it does look like my home country has high potential of earthquakes. Good thing the East Coast and NC are very safe. But watchout for hurricanes. There’s another exhibit that’s pretty awesome, glow, so you get to see animals with bioluminescence (they light up) 🙂


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