Approved Computer Geek.

  1. hi ,

    i found your site while googling for stuff in osaka. you see i’ll be there from January 7 to 12. was wondering if the food you had there were halal? if not, would you know if there is any there? =)


  2. hi Mr Leong,

    I’m sorry that I’m no longer studying in Japan, but I’m sure you will find halal food. There’s lots of seafood which are usually fine, but ramen often contain pork.

    You can look here for list of halal foods:

    Have a nice trip to Japan 🙂

  3. Halo

    Pa kabar?

    Aku sedang mencari informasi tentang Oita n ketemu website kamu. Menyenangkan juga mengetahui ada yang berbagi pengalaman tentang Oita.

    Bln April ini aku mo ke Oita, untuk studi S3, so I hope you can be my source of anything about Oita.

    If it is not much trouble to you, could send me your YM or FB account, so I can ask you more about Oita.

    Thx in advance. 🙂

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