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Choosing good password?

I giggled reading the last line of Google’s Help Centre on choosing a password:

First all of it makes sense, then

  • Don’t use a password that is listed as an example of how to pick a good password.
  • Haha… it’s obvious… isn’t it? 🙂
    Well… my passwords are bad afterall… they’re easy to remember for sure…
    I just want to enter passwords quickly, without the numbers or symbols… well,,, sometimes one 😛

    Bagaimana dengan password anda? Apakah sulit dipecahkan?…. hingga sulit diingat? 😀


    New Firefox Addons

    I just tried out Safari, and loved the interface. It just looks and feels nice. Too bad I really like Firefox, so I wanted the feel of Safari in my Firefox 🙂

    iFox Metal is the Safari skin for Firefox. Not 100% but at least it looks nicer to me.

    There’s also Yet Another Smooth Scrolling. Makes reading easy on the eyes ^^

    And I accidentally stumbled on Furigana Injector useful for showing up hiragana pronunciation on top of kanji words. I also found out about Rikai-chan (I used Perapera-kun, modified Rikai) that shows up meaning of Japanese words. Should’ve known since 6 months ago, oh well, never too late ^^

    Streaming Indonesia TV

    The big news on the death of Indonesia’s former President, Suharto, made me want to watch the news from Indonesian TV channels..

    I used the TVU Network for ANTV.

    I found (there’s JakTV, RCTI, SCTV, Trans7, TransTV, MetroTV and Indosiar) follow this link
    Sometimes you have to wait a long time for a channel to load… well, better than nothing 😉

    Windows Live Writer

    I am writing this post from Windows Live Writer. I am using a self hosted WordPress and it easily detected my blog settings. This is nice.. now it’s easier to write blogs with rich features. And for those who have more than one blog can easily switch which blogs to write in.

    Go to for Microsoft great free apps:

    Great Web Apps for downloads

    I wanna share some great web tools I use on my computer, since I’ve spent lots of time on the internet since I landed in Japan.
    (Boy, 1.1MB/s on torrents…. evil…. this is evil internet connection I tell you… with only 700 yen per month (around Rp.60000 or $US 6) !!! )

    First, you’ve got to try Orbit Downloader

    It can download multiple links on one page, and significantly increase download speed by automatically attempt multiple connections to the server. A must try. Can also grab streaming content such as Youtube and such…

    Second, is the Download Helper…a Firefox Add-on (Yes! Use Firefox!!!). Guaranteed to help you download those FLV videos…. even those ungrabbed by Orbit…those streamed mp3’s, like in Myspace profiles and CNN Videos can be easily downloaded…